Saturday, January 16, 2010

What is Mr Motkin doing to Dr Cleal?

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A 1979 assembly by the huts featuring, L to R, C-H-M (lining Anna Behan up through the viewfinder of a camera of a type which he has never owned and does not recognise), Ros Cleal, Marion Barter, Paul Noakes, Randal Motkin, Sarah Roberts and someone I'm not sure I can identify under a broad-brimmed green hat. But the main curiosity of this picture is figuring out what Randal is doing to Ros's footwear. He appears to be checking whether her foot is attached to the rest of her leg by jiggling the toecap of her left boot. I've enlarged the photo to a high magnification and it doesn't look like an optical illusion. But Dr Cleal's withers appear quite unwrung by whatever Randal is up to and she seems to be ignoring it.

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