Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What did Mr Boden hear next?

Mr Boden & C-H-M have been to Pembrey, Carmarthenshire to see Dr Ferris and Dr Bevan (a.k.a. Dr Mrs Dr Ferris). Very jolly it was too, with healthy walking on the delightful beaches nearby and not too much misbehaviour.  And on the way home we dropped in to see Richard & Lydia Savage to plot a little more for this year's reunion, of which more very soon.

Inevitably, as we were so close, the Boden Saab was irresistibly drawn to the top of the Hill after a quick snack at the Air Balloon.  Once Mr Boden had recovered from the shock being gouged for parking charges, we completed a circuit of the Hill in fabulous weather, noting blackthorn, hawthorn, vibernum, cowslips, speedwell, buttercups, a solitary campion, ditto an aquilegia.

And as we strolled C-H-M and Mr Boden had an experience neither of us has ever had before whilst atop Crickley. Nor, we suspect will many, if any, of those who dug the hill have ever had this experience unless you happen to live close by and time your visit as we did. As we stood drinking in the view, we heard cuckoos singing. Rather splendid.

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