Friday, January 15, 2016

Happy New Year to all Crickley diggers

Dr Ferris writes: "I am sure Crickley Hill Man is all too aware that summer 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of his precocious debut on the Hill. I wonder if he has any special commemorative event planned for the 2016 reunion? Perhaps a crack team of historical reenactors could recreate CHM's finest moments of that year, although given the nervous state of many of the regular reunion attendees that might not be advisable without a medical team present on site. Maybe he will let us all know what he might have planned." It's not about me Dr Ferris and your suggestion made me blush.

More seriously I have been neglecting this blog for far too long. Now that I am safely and happily ensconced in Louth in Lincolnshire I think it might be time quietly to post thing or two.

I found this postcard apparently from 1935 which shows the 'Devil's Stable Rocks'. I never knew they had a name but it would appear that the photographer mislabelled this picture as there are a number of references on the web to the Devil's Table, which makes a bit more sense.

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