Friday, October 31, 2008

The 7 August 2004 post-picnic hill tour

Two of mine from the 7 August 2004 reunion, less elegantly arranged than Phil's which is here

Top, L to R: Terry Courtney, Phil Dixon, Ros Cleal, Paul Noakes, Jim Irvine, Nick Snashall, Malcolm White and Chris Phillpotts's hand. 

Bottom, L to R: Paul Noakes, Malcolm White, Terry Courtney, Mike Sims, Unknown (who's that bending over in front of Mike examining a plant?) Jim Irvine, Chris Phillpotts, John Gale, Ros Cleal, Pauline Dumbrill, Lucy Loveridge, Joanne Vaughan's left arm and leg, Don Mickley's left knee, Corky Gregory.

Views from the hill taken the same day are here.
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