Friday, October 31, 2008

Dr Ferris & I hope not to hear from your solicitor ...

Dr Ferris chides: "I hope Crickley Hill Man can excuse my constant pedantry, but I think the recently-posted photo of Becky and Mike is from 1977.
Mike, a very pleasant chap and a very good digger I recall, was also known as 'The Bolton Wanderer', for no other reason than he hailed from Bolton. Other good Crickley nicknames, or at least ones that Crickley Hill Man can print without fear of prosecution, were 'Biggles' (Dave Southwood), 'Mike the Whale' (already referred to on your site), 'The Tipton Slasher' (not Robert Roberts, but another Tipton digger named after the famous local pugilist) and, best and most obtuse of all, 'Training' who came from, I think, Derby but first appeared wearing a sweatshirt with TRAINING written across the chest. I don't think I ever knew his real name but he was amenable enough to be generally referred to by everyone as 'Training' and indeed enjoyed almost minor celebrity status because of this. You already have posted a photo of 'Training' on the blog.
Becky Spencer, really Carole Ann Spencer, came from Skipton and was at Crickley in 1976 and 1977. She went on to study archaeology at Cardiff, I think. She was a very charismatic character who in 1976 had had the opportunity to see many of the early Punk bands play in the north and in that respect was very much ahead of the rest of us in knowing what was going on musically at the time, probably with the exception of Simon Mercer." 

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