Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another trip to the Elsans ...

Penny Hart writes:

"I seem to remember the song which went with them:

"Beans for breakfast, beans for tea
Makes my work more hard for me
If you could see what I could see
When I'm cleaning Elsans"

Also the episode of Anna's trowel, not removed from back pocket when a visit was paid - sliding effortlessly into the depths. Gallons of Elsan blue made no difference to the "marinated quality"..

Penny is quite right and I must add the first lines

"When I go Elsan-cleaning to earn an honest bob,
For a dirty digger it's a scintillating job -
Beans for breakfast ... etc"

This ditty was chanted to the tune of "When I'm cleaning windows". I don't recall who thought it up, though Dr Ferris may be able to help with that conundrum. I can hear in my mind's ear Flt. Lt. Southwood singing it which comes as no surprise.

'Twas I that retrieved Miss Collinge's trowel from its fate: I did indeed disinfect it with much Elsan blue before chivalrously returning it to her: its patina of blue was never going to wash off... 

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