Sunday, September 28, 2008

From Bernard Dawson: line gang removing rocks from the ditch, cutting AXV, 1979

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Another splendid shot, this time of the team removing large bits of rock from the bottom of the ditch on the outer side of the rampart in 1979. Bernie Dawson sent the photo and Dr Phillpotts identified far more people than Bernie and I did: L to R on the baulk: Malcolm White, ?, ?, Ken Collier, ?, Julie Fissenden, ?, ?, Paul Noakes, ?, ?, Julian Parker. In the ditch: Terry Courtney, ?, ?, Elsa Charlot, Gill Drury, ?, ?, Zoya Spivakovska, Mark Spivakovsky (in hat), ?, Dmitri, ?, Pete, ?, Penny Locke, ?, Training (blue top at right), Mike Taylor in the background.

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Steve Vaughan said...

I think the girl at this end of the bucket line in the ditch in the white T-shirt is Penny Lock, one of the Maidstone girls (cue wistful look in eye).