Monday, August 24, 2009

Let's hope things aren't quite what they seem ...

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Dr Ferris has been honing his observational powers on the column of Marcus Aurelius in Rome: he instantly spotted the insalubrious possibilities of this shot from Anna Collinge (now Behan)'s series: "It doesn't look as though Arwel's wearing any clothes!" observed the shocked Sage of Selly Oak. Too much scrutinising of naked barbarians for his new book, if you ask me.

Anna herself cannot be the photographer of this 'Health & Efficiency' snap as she's on the left with her planning board. And is that Julie-Ann Souter in the background? From 1980. Update from Julie-Ann who writes: "Yup that's me in the background, and I don't remember Arwel not wearing clothes that day, although maybe my brain has just blocked out the memory ..."

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