Friday, August 21, 2009

Angie & Arwel in 1976

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A Becky Sanderson photo from 1976 of Angie Springate (now Morris), with Arwel brandishing his camera on the right of the photo. The bare-chested hand on the left belongs to Andrew Powell and sitting cross-legged in the background silhouetted against a wheelbarrow is Rosie who was from Lytham St Annes in Lancashire.

Angie very kindly wrote to me in June just before the reunion and my apologies to her for not having posted her note to me earlier: "I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and tipped off Becky (Spencer as was) about it. I would love to have attended the reunion but as luck would have it, will be in Canterbury on that day attending a university open day with my daughter.

I was thrilled to find myself immortalised in print in the account of the
Wheelbarrow Race of 1976. I remember being absolutely terrified as Ian and Robert careered down the hill with Becky and myself clinging on for dear life. I had imagined when I volunteered a fairly sedate trundle but had completely underestimated the rivalry between Robert and Ian and suffered for it! Funny that you mentioned Health and Safety as I think someone (was it you?) took a spill during the race and wheelbarrow races were immediately banned by the 'Management' after that!
I kept in contact with Robert for a while and met up with him and Sarah for a drink later that year when I went to London for the Pompeii exhibition. Becky and I are still in regular contact and met up last year for the first time in 20 years when my son was attending a university interview in her neck of the woods. She hardly seems to have changed at all and I would have known her anywhere. (I really don't think she will thank you for publishing that latest photo however!)

Crickley was my first and only dig, as I did not pursue a career in Archaeology, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and remember all the wonderful people it attracted. I understand that the standard of accommodation and facilities at Ullenwood was actually some of the best and I think that may have been a factor in deciding that an archaeologist's life was not for me! I was also aware that we were very fortunate with the excellent weather that we all enjoyed that particular year (we probably haven't had another summer as good as 1976 since in fact!)

I left Crickley tanned and toned, with biceps like Madonna, despite all the calories consumed both at the camp and every night's indulgence at the Air Balloon!"

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