Monday, June 15, 2009

On Simon Mercer's cutting in 1976

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I think Becky Spencer must have been in the Girl Guides when she was little:  because here she is prepared for every form of weather possibility.  She is wearing a bikini but she's also got a green jumper tied round her waist, as well as gloves and a very fetching floppy hat.  You weren't going to catch this young woman out if it rained or if it shone.  I can't remember the name of the lad with a headband -- I don't know if Becky can help?  He is demonstrating a digging technique which I'd forgotten about, namely the excavation of a feature, probably a post-hole, whilst lying on one's front protected by a piece of foam rubber. I'd forgotten about the bits of foam rubber but they used to be quite keenly sought after because they made digging whilst prone much more comfortable for entirely obvious reasons.  I have a hunch that the left upper arm visible on the right of the photograph belongs to Mike Gething.

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