Monday, June 1, 2009

Raw blondes for breakfast

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A mephitic manuscript has fallen into Crickley Hill Man's hot little hands: it is the Crickley Hill Song 1984.  For those who are keen I publish the full version in the scanned collage above. 

To give you a flavour, the chorus runs "Singing: raw blondes for breakfast/Tack up if you will/You can spend a wasted summer/on the top of Crickley Hill."  

I think my favourite verse is "There was Dafydd and Mad Blodwen/From the Legion of the Damned/They confirmed all JP's stories/Which are fabled in this land."

 Or perhaps: "Katey up from Cheltenham/The flaxen-headed sylph/She inspired young men with many thoughts/But most of them were filth."

The authors of this delightful ditty appear to have been principally David Southwood and Julian Thompson with some assistance from Dr Cleal.  As I wasn't at Ullenwood much in 1984 I don't know whether there was ever a public performance.  What are you writing, Julian?  You know it will have been performed.  Few are spared a mention: Dave and Sonia Hollos, John Parry, Ros and Julie, The Famous Five (who were they?), Naughty Nicky, Biggles, Clyde, Griff, Noakesy, Kris the Chronicler, Simon the planner, Richard Savage, Bryn, Terry, Sarah Squealpig, Bernie Dawson and Richard Bradley.

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