Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You might remember this ....

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After the picnic in August 2004 some of us were unable, on the way home, to resist a small diversion up Greenway Lane to examine the state of Ullenwood Camp. It was partly demolished and the scene of the devastation that greeted us I posted last July . Two rather better pictures, taken by Professor Dixon appeared in October and December. John Boden's picture of the ablutions, seen here in May, shows them in all their finery in their heyday, slightly foxed, in 1975.

This morning's photograph is of the sign that I retrieved from the sad wreckage as a memento. When I picked it up out of the rubble I imagined it in my mind's eye that it was on the outside of the ablutions block. J. B.'s photograph shows that my memory plays me false because the sign in his photograph reads "Gentlemen Ablutions" and is clearly in white letters on a blue background. So my souvenir either must have come from somewhere else other than the outside of the ablutions block (more likely) or the signage changed after 1975 (less likely). Perhaps it was on the entrance door itself? Or maybe there was another loo I've forgotten about.

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