Monday, June 22, 2009

Dr Ferris's photograph as he has never seen it before

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Iain sent me a pair of slides a number of weeks ago and it suddenly occurred to me as I was examining them that they must have been taken only a few seconds apart. The first photograph is of Phil at the top of the photographic tower. The second photograph is of me and two other people, one of whom, on the left, I think I can tentatively identify as Dr Phillpotts, acting as ballast to stabilise the tower and make sure that Phil doesn't come a terrible cropper. The collage function in the Picasa software has enabled me to join together the two originals and represents as one what Iain originally saw. If I was really good I would have spent two hours touching up the join between the two photographs, but sometimes even I lose the will to live on a task like that. I'm guessing from the context that this was cutting N7 or thereabouts. But I'm happy to be persuaded otherwise.

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