Saturday, June 20, 2009

And here, by popular demand, is King Kong!

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A few weeks ago Dr Phillpotts wrote: "Also in the 1980s refurbishment the whole stage and the piano was lost. Does no one have a picture of the mural that was on the back panel of the stage facing the kitchen? It featured King Kong holding Big Ben, and I believe it was painted by Pat Anderson's sisters c.1972."

Well, Chris, your prayers are answered: Corky rides to the rescue. She sent me a pair of photos last week which she suggested I should make into the collage above, doing the best I can to line them up and give us a flavour of the whole ensemble in all its glory. Corky says: "As you can see, the mural has been defaced by this time. I think I took these the year before the mural wall and the stage were removed." Corky knows, and I know, who it is that is pointing up towards the building at the right. Modest prize at the reunion for the first reader to identify the mystery man doing the pointing.

Another minor mystery: why is there a pair of kitchen scales on display?

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