Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All the way from Illinois: how about a photo of Lofty?

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The postman brought Crickley Hill Man a wonderful treat this morning: a letter from Corky Gregory in Illinois containing some splendid Crickley and Ullenwood photographs.

Corky writes: "How about a photo of Lofty? This is quite a bit later when the front of his house was no longer well kept. He never allowed anything on his front lawn so I don't know why there's a cart full of stuff. I don't have a classic photo of him in the blue and white striped pyjamas with open shirt and clogs. You can make out the clogs on his house. Lofty was the first person I met when I arrived. Beth and I were about to start to walk down Greenway Lane (I think we took the bus) when a loud car came rattling up the lane. Lofty rolled down his window and bellowed "Are you diggers?" When we nodded yes he added "You're not supposed to be here until tomorrow!" Before we could respond he got out of his car (all six foot five or more) and he grabbed my suitcase and Beth's huge backpack with giant hands with missing fingers and threw them into his car. "I have not got room for you also". He drove our bags into camp."

What an introduction to Ullenwood life. The photo is rather intriguing: it slightly has the air of a surreptitious long lens "paparazzo" shot: maybe Corky was thinking Lofty would spot her and start hollering and gesticulating as only he could...

Corky easily wins the 'hawk-like powers of observation' prize for spotting the clogs attached to the front of the house: I really had to enlarge the picture to see them. You can't beat a good finds supervisor...

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