Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cooks and diggers

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Today's snap is a 1976 Becky Sanderson (Spencer as was) shot of cooks and diggers at Ullenwood: L to R, Arwel Barrett avec beard, Ken Fussell, Simon Mercer, Sandy and Dave who was Ken's fellow cook.

This brings C-H-M to the culinary tip of the week. Dr Ferris asked for one that might not involve eating industrial quantities of poached eggs. Mindful that Dr Mrs Dr Ferris, a.k.a Dr Lynne Bevan, is a keen fan of fish as well as being lithics and small finds specialist, there are two fish related tips this week. First, don't eat fish in a restaurant on Monday. Fishing boats tend not to go out on the weekend and fish served on Monday has probably been around for a day or two. Second, when preparing mackerel for cooking, trim off the fins but leave on the dorsal fin. When the fish is perfectly cooked the dorsal fin will easily come off when gently pulled so it's a good way of telling it's done. Oh and put enough sugar in to make the gooseberry sauce not too tart.

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