Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lunch break 1972

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A solitary figure could not bear to leave the cutting during this lunch break photo taken by Lydia Savage in 1972. The postholes of the Iron Age longhouses are plainly visible in the foreground.

Concerning my post yesterday mentioning Elsie Clifford, Lydia writes: "
Mrs Clifford was a star. We used to take tea with her every August and explain the latest findings. She deeply wanted the Birdlip mirror to belong to a noble lady resident on the hill settlement but as you all have realised by now this was an impossibility. Her husband used to give her so many man hours of diggers as a present every so often and off she would go to Bagendon or Hucclecote. The Jane Marple of Archaeology, complete with garden and needlework. Two things which are probably not recorded anywhere on the Web: her ginger cake was unique and wonderful and extremely effective on cold days. Also her birthday was around the same day as mine. Only about half a century before. :) "

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