Thursday, December 31, 2009

Crickley New Year Prize Crossword

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It's the time of year when newspapers produce their prize crosswords and C-H-M thought the Crickley blog readers, especially those of a strong constitution, might enjoy the crossword set out above.

I'm very grateful to Jane Dineen and Terry Courtney who tested it for me and have proved that it is (very nearly) soluble. They've got 3 clues to go ...

It is vital to have a working knowledge of the wit, wisdom and aphorisms of John Parry but many of those who dug at Crickley will have obtained the necessary familiarity.

Jane kindly points out that a better clue for 3 across would be 'Thy' rather than 'Thine' and also points out that there are 7 letters, not 6, in 12 across.

A prize will be offered at the 2010 reunion for the best solution submitted. Teams are permitted so that Jane & Terry have a chance of winning the prize, which will doubtless be food or drink related ...

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