Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Ermine Street Guard ...

Alan Ford enlightens:

"The Elder and Younger Haines', who run the Ermine Street Guard, live in the farmhouse at Cold Slad, clearly visible at the foot of the western slope of the hill.

In 1991 the Guard found themselves a couple of chaps short for an important trip and a representative was sent to the nearest source of likely manpower. Hence Myself and Rob Knell volunteered to the last minute spaces on the Ermine Street Guard's 1991 trip to Martigny, Switzerland for the 500 year anniversary of the Swiss Cantons.

So it was that Legionary Ovinus Fordicus and Auxillia Rossisis Knellius came to march beneath the Eagles. And a right pair we were too.

I have recently found, in a long forgotten box guarded by a leopard, a small selection of photos taken by me in 1991. These include some splendidly Asterixesque shots of the unholy duo. I will forward these on as soon as I can get my scanner to work again.

I shall accompany the photos of Legionary Ovinus Fordicus and Auxillia Rossisisd Knellius with a thrilling account of the effectiveness of the Testudo."

Can't wait to see them, Alan ...

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