Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Have Crickley Hill Man's early morning habits been rumbled?

Hula Hoop Woman writes: "Am I alone among the Crickley Hill Reunion blog readers to be concerned about Crickley Hill Man's nocturnal, or more exactly, early morning habits?  CHM's average time of posting appears to be around 6.20am in the morning.  On Saturday, 7th February he brought us news of 'CH85, high level conference' ( a picture of John and Julie Gale, with Julian Thomas on the tower)  at the improbable time of 6.03am. On Sunday, 8th February he appeared to have a bit of a lie in, and the post appeared at 6.32am, but back on Monday, February 9th he was back on the treadmill with a 6.20am blog.  Does Crickley Hill Man leap out of bed at the crack of dawn and dash off a blog while in his pyjamas?  Or does he luxuriate with his laptop in bed? Or perhaps he leads such a glamorous and late night life in Parson's Green that 6.03am in the morning is, in fact, for CHM still the evening before.  A nation needs to know."

CHM replies: alas I am undone! I was wondering how long it would take my readers to spot my apparently astonishing ability to blog at absurdly early hours, first thing in the morning.  Some answers to Joanne's questions: 

I am not an insomniac.  In fact I'm still seriously good at snoozing.

I have a desktop not a laptop, and no 3G card, so I cannot prop myself on the pillows and tap away. 

There are no pyjamas. 

I did stay up all night with some friends the other week for the first time since 1987, after a dinner party I was giving got a little out of hand, and it nearly finished me off.  Also at that point the narrative would have been none too coherent: trust me.

The truth is that I am usually either asleep or in the bath at the moment of posting.  

How is this miracle achieved? I'm going to have to fess up, I fear: the clever people at Google who developed the Blogger software (courtesy of which the blog appears) have cunningly included amongst the posting options the facility for inputting a publication date and time in the future.  So I quite often put together a set of posts for the blog and then set their release dates for the forthcoming week or fortnight and usually for an early hour ... which is why I'm more than likely getting my beauty sleep as this slips out to an unsuspecting world at 22 minutes past 4.  Morning, all. 

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