Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Look behind you, Ros!

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Dr Ferris is staying at the Albergo Parker tonight and he spotted this rather fetching cameo in the Phillpotts archive.  We wonder why Dr Cleal is protectively clutching a full large jar of Nescafe in the middle of the night?  Why, too, does she appear utterly unaware that Crickley Hill Man is draped around her?  Crickley Hill Man, on the other hand, seems quite pleased with the state of affairs, as evidenced by the dreamy far-away look in his eyes.  Were it not for the fact that this is a 1980-effort from the Chronicler's camera one might be forgiven for thinking that someone had done a clever Photoshop job with two completely different pictures ... and then again, maybe it's a still from a rehearsal of 'Captain Lash'?

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Steve said...

Sometimes I wonder whether Crickley Hill Man was ever at Crickley. If so, how could he be unaware that a full jar of Nescafe was more valuable than several lines of best Columbian cocaine? I'm not surprised that Ros is clearly preparing to lay down her life for her caffeine.