Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ancient wrecks, Noaksie & and a miscarriage of justice

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The old hangar at Ullenwood always held the promise of fascinating contents: as can be seen in this Mike Sims 2004 shot there were all sorts of oddities inside including ancient rotting motor vehicles.

Updates from readers: Corky Gregory says: "I will make a stab at a guess as to what Noaksie is doing in the photo Nov 4 that also appeared July 2. I would guess Maori warrior stance but Noaksie leaned more toward Australia rather than New Zealand so aboriginal stance?? Still looks like Maori warrior to me but no idea what he is holding other than it looks like white PVC piping with decorative ends." Ah, good idea but not quite on the mark I'm afraid, Corky. All will be revealed in due course.

C-H-M has inadvertently perpetrated a miscarriage of justice and owes Les Capon an apology and a beer or two for the damage to his reputation caused by the publication last Sunday of one of Jill Hummerstone's photos.

Les writes: "That picture of a sleeping in person is not me. Jill took the picture, but I have to say I never slept in, lazed or was late ever at Crickley, and such a suggestion is absurd. Please change the caption. [Done! Ed.] Jill thought it may be someone called Mark...

I do recall Jo Sturgess (Notts Uni 1990s) trying to encourage a Spaniard to get up, only to discover him being inappropriate with himself. And there was another time when a banana skin appeared in our tent on the same day another Spaniard skived. Then there was the Frenchman Serge who was pulled up by the police for breaking the speed limit on Leckhampton Hill on roller skates. (note from Jill: this all sounds a bit anti-European) (response from Les - if Jill hadn't jumped on me, I'd have chatted up a Spaniard) (Jill: Whatever, in your dreams.)

Hope your foodie course is going well. Any vegetarian tips?"

My apologies to Les for traducing him and I'll find a yummy vegetarian recipe for next week's catering tip of the week!

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