Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ullenwood scene

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L to R: Philip Dixon, Frank Green, Anna Collinge ? Naomi Jackson, and Jo Bacon at Ullenwood. This is from Jane Dineen's 1980 collection. It looks to C-H-M as though it may be after breakfast just before going up to site. The alternatives are pre-supper one evening or a Thursday before going into Cheltenham.

Thinking of supper, a correspondent writes:

"Dear Crickley Hill Man,

I write to you in desperation. I'm at my wits' end and need your help. Last night I made a celeriac mash which, though delicious, had a slightly sludgy colour to it as the celeriac went brown during its initial cooking in salted water. What caused the browning I don't know and seek your advice as to how to prevent this happening in future. The only alternative course of action is for me to foreswear celeriac for ever more; as you imagine, a potential middle class nightmare on a par with running out of organic couscous. Please help.

Desperate of Selly Oak"

Dear Desperate of Selly Oak,

Fear not: you need not suffer permanent social ignominy. Celeriac oxidises quite fast after it has been peeled, a little like the flesh of apples: the cure is the same: as you prepare the celeriac before cooking, pop it into acidulated water (the juice of half a lemon will do the trick) and the distressing browning that you have suffered will not happen.

Crickley Hill Man.

Later: an e-mail arrives in C-H-M's inbox headed

'Acidulated Response' :
"Dear Crickley Hill Man,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have saved my marriage.

'Desperate of Selly Oak' (as was)."

Glad to be of service ...

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