Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Phil's Folly

Corky Gregory writes about yesterday's post: "I always liked the photo of the Cheltenham Ladies' College girls wearing their CH77 T-shirts. It was not always a guarantee to date the photos based on the dating on a T-shirt as archaeologists tend to wear their clothes until they are threadbare (and sometimes long after), but the T-shirts were new and pristine so the dating is correct. It made me think of all the other T-shirts we had made:

"I Dig for Dixon" was one I wore as well as a "Crickley Hill Dig" one. The latter was the same bright gold colour as Penny and Anna's shirts so I think I may have had it made that year. "I Dig for Dixon " came later.

"Archaeologists do it more Crickley" this had many variations such as "Supervisors do it more Crickley" I think you already posted Noaksie and Ros in their versions.

There was a group who wore "Friends of the Furry Turkey" which included Nick Snashall as I have photographic evidence of that. I wonder if you will be exposed to new recipes for furry turkey in your cooking course. [Hope not - sounds faintly insanitary! Ed.]

I'm sure there were more that others could add to the list. Should be time soon for another gem from Andrew Powell and the Planning Hut Door collection ..."

You wish is my command, Corky:

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An archaeologist, Phil
Has reoccupied Crickley Hill
"Three phases," says he,
"Are quite plain to see,
But the fourth needs directorial skill."

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