Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A reader writes ...

Andrew Powell says: "the sketch of Phil (the first to be drawn) was done after a lunch-time site tour, and the curious structure he is pondering is not my attempt to draw a roundhouse but some actual group of features that we had stopped to puzzle over. Given Corky's recollection that the sketches were probably done in 1980, maybe someone knows what this was. The car port I believe was the long mound, rather than the rampart - was there a line of large stones near it?

Keep up the excellent work - the blog is my first stop in the morning before getting down to work.
[Thank you! Ed] One point - there does seem to be a dearth of images from the early years - apart from the odd shot by Boden and myself. There must be more out there. [I'm sure there are - all contributions gratefully received, please. Ed]

PS now published for your delectation, the intriguingly entitled 'Kentish Sites and Sites of Kent: a miscellany of four archaeological excavations' 2009 by Andrews, Egging Dinwiddy, Ellis, Hutcheson, Phillpotts, Powell and Schuster." And where can we find this volume, please, Andrew? C-H-M did a quick search on Google and nowt helpful emerged?

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