Thursday, September 3, 2009

Experimental Archaeology 12: crime and punishment in the Iron Age

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What's all this about? Has C-H-M come across some photos from the Senate Armed Services Committee Inquiry Into The Treatment of Detainees in US Custody? What's happening to this poor fellow?

Phew! We are still at Crickley: someone has bound Richard Ozanne up with rope and then tied him to what looks like one of the rods that were used for stringing the electric cow wire round the cutting.

Eric van Dorland explains: "Well, they took Will and tied him up to the observation tower. That called for retaliation, so Richard was kidnapped and tied down in front of the planning hut.. Poor lad... Looks like he can still smile... Dunno how long it took before someone untied him..."

And there I was thinking it might be an archaeological experiment: the reconstruction of punishment methods of the Iron Age?

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