Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wheelbarrow lunch

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A 1980 Sunday lunch break. L to R: a wheelbarrow recently vacated by photographer Jane Dineen, Bernie Dawson (with newspaper), Ros Cleal (applying suntan lotion?), Anna Collinge and Melanie Cook (who know Jane's there with her camera), Frank Green, Rowena Dutton, Terry Courtney and Julian Parker (who don't all know she's there.) I look as though I've been decapitated and attached to the finds hut door.

I'm quite sure Jane is correct in identifying this as a Sunday lunchtime as it was the only day of the week when, feeling deprived of news and a good read, someone would whiz into Cheltenham and acquire the Sunday newspapers. We never did that on a weekday, as far as I can recall.

Oops! C-H-M has had an 'early-middle-aged' moment: Jane Dineen points out: "Pickings must be getting slim if you're reduced to repeating photos! [She's right - March 29th - tsk, tsk.] I have dug 1981 out from behind the furniture and will dispatch the few worth scanning (one a corker) as soon as I've excavated the scanner." Ooh, yes please, Jane - use a 4" WHS forged-tang trowel to excavate your scanner - and sorry, team, for the inadvertent duplication ... I'll fire the blog administrator.

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