Friday, September 18, 2009

Laura leads the way

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There was only ever going to be one winner of the "Crickley Hill Most Fabulous Wellington Boots" award: it goes to a young Laura Savage. Here she is stepping forth across the hill by the shelter on an appropriately damp day. Her father keeps a gentle eye upon her progress.

Corky Gregory says "I found a photo of the "little Savage" on site - possibly 1978. I saw a note on the blog saying that she remembers a lot of us from the photo outside the yellow caravan." Laura de la Hoyde wrote about that post (which is definitely 1981): "This brings back ancient memories for me: I was 3 at the time, I'm Richard Savage's daughter, and over my childhood spent many happy hours hanging round annoying people ... at Ullenwood and on site. Happy memories..." So based on Laura's evidence, I reckon this must be a bit later than 1978 and may well be 1981.

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