Friday, August 15, 2008

Adult education class

A question of interpretation and irony. Iain Ferris discusses a possible new stratigraphic paradigm with Robert Roberts on the kitchen doorstep: "This word comes after the last one, so appears to be of more recent date. But if you examine it closely the font of the first word is more ornate (and thus thought, by some, to be likely to be later) than the second word, which might point to the first theory being wrong. It's all too much. Shall we go to the Air Balloon?" Roberts: "Yes"

Update: Dr Ferris replies:

While I think Crickley Hill Man was pretty much 'on the money' in reconstructing the last line of the conversation between me and Robert, the rest of it probably went more like this:

"IF: Don't you think there's something of Darley in all men when we fall in love?

RR: Who?

IF: You know. Darley, the main protagonist in Lawrence Durrell's 'Justine.'

RR: Oh yeah.

IF: We all delude ourselves, we're all naive and blinkered when it comes to the object of our affections.

RR: Oh yeah.

IF: We are all....

RR: Look, are we going down the Air Balloon or not?"

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