Saturday, August 9, 2008

After the 1994 reception in Cheltenham

Almost certainly the cleanest and most decorous clothes in which this cast list has ever been seen on this hill. But what was the purpose of the fetching backdrop of upturned wheelbarrows and discarded cabinets and shelves? Was it a modern art installation? L to R, Julian Parker, Corky Gregory, Paul Noakes, Iain Ferris and Ros Cleal. [Update from Iain: "Do [you] not recall that this photo was taken on the day that tools and equipment were being delivered to the hill for the start of the 1994 season? Moments after the photo was taken two very shady-looking, feral youths appeared and proceeded to carry away some of the equipment; it was only the intervention of Messrs Parker and Ferris that prevented these two crims from making off with the loot. I am surprised you don't remember this fine piece of amateur crime-fighting."]
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