Saturday, August 16, 2008

What a cheerful crew...

Following a tipoff from Dr Ferris, I'm delighted to have found Bernard Dawson again: he's still teaching but now in North London rather than Coventry. Bernie has sent me the above gem from his 1979 archive with a challenge to name the guilty parties. So here goes: back row, L to R, Mark Spivakowski [update from Dr Phillpotts: it's not Mark, it's Dmitri whose surname escapes both of us] , Terry Courtney, Julian Parker, Bernard Dawson, David Southwood, middle row L to R, Training (sorry I can't remember your real name but I do recall that this was how you were known), the Skeleton clad in Randel Motkin's jacket, John Parry, Randel Motkin, Mike Taylor, front row, L to R, David Hole, Zoya Spivakowska, Ros Cleal and Anna Collinge. Hope I've correctly spelled all the names. Why is RM clasping a large slab of limestone? Can anyone help answer that connundrum? Was it the Personality of the Year award or some such oddity? That rings a very faint bell. It looks as though the Skeleton is also wearing trousers as I can detect a hand that appears to be holding them up.

Update from Iain: "Yes it was the investiture of the Crickley Hill 'Personality of the Year', with all nominees on stage together. The 'PotY' competition was, I recall an idea of mine probably after one too many Gold Label ciders at the Air Balloon, which was surprisingly taken up enthusiastically by all present. The inspired idea for the actual award being a lump of limestone came from Dave Southwood, I think. What I cannot remember is what on earth was the significance of the piece of paper that 'Training' is holding in his hands and what had brought about Randel Motkin's 'thousand yard stare'. I don't know if this competition was held in subsequent years."
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