Monday, August 18, 2008

The fame of the Leisuredrome spans the globe ... everywhere in the branch, this forest is going a bit astray ...

Don't ask me what I was up to with a search engine when I found this: just admire my diligence. Other parts of this beautiful Japanese blog show some excellent shots of the Devil's Chimney on Leckhampton Hill. Japanese Cotswold Way Blog Perhaps someone who reads Japanese could translate? I cut and paste the text into the TranStar web machine translator and it came up with the following not entirely satisfactory results. Make of this what you will.

"National Highway No. A417 is the right-hander, and rotary-like HEYAPIN [hairpin? - Ed.] left to the right to progress to the national highway number and A436.

KOTTSUUORUDO [Cotswold? - Ed.] Way, Rotary north across the top of the national highway number A417 north of Crickley Hill parallel to enter the camp.

Many of the big trees such as beech woodland is even more dark and visibility is 50 m or less. Everywhere in the branch, this forest is going a bit astray. [Indeed it is, indeed it is ...]

500m-plus, toilets and pavilion (arbor), the parking area after a break. Circular Walks walking the course signs. In addition to thick haze and visibility is only 30 m long. [They didn't have much luck with the weather from the look of the photograph - perhaps not even 30m long is the visibility...]

Break away from your office to follow the signposts ahead, he will go to the southeast towards the north.戻ったろうaround 1km, maneuvering the footpath to the southeast into the dirt road running east to west to root out again."

That's really made my day!

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