Monday, August 18, 2008

Maintaining the Hill now...

... is hard work. I've found the website of the Gloucester Vale Conservation Volunteers who have been labouring for many years to conserve the habitats on the Hill and keep it looking good.

Coppicing, Dec. 2000, Scrub Clearance, Feb. 2001, Coppicing, Christmas 2001,
More scrub clearance, Jan. 2002, Dry Stone Walling, July 2002, Coppicing, November and December 2002, Scrub clearance again! Feb. 2003, Coppicing Feb.2004, Fence removal, June 2004, Coppicing, Christmas 2004, Scrub clearance Feb.2005, Christmas 2006.

Pretty impressive persistent effort: well done GVCV and thank you.

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