Sunday, March 8, 2009

Can anyone help Charles Lindsay, please?

Charles Lindsay writes "crickley hill man, a 2009 reunion! over 3,000 volunteers - that sounds like some big big party! afraid i dont have any photos to share but i'm interested in trying to track down something related, any clue would be much appreciated...  i worked for 9 months at the gloscat base (gloucester rd?) as archaeological illustrator for crickley hill archaeological trust, from approx sept '85 - july '86. we used to trace the 1 metre square initial excavation drawings, maintaining the 1/10 scale; onto A1 size sheets.. and also i spent many an hour rendering flint arrowheads & broken pieces of pottery in fine stipple work, to exact scale & in three views; face on, 45 degree angle, and from above. i have always wondered why the finds were not simply photographed, but really enjoyed the work anyway. anyway, the main purpose of this correspondence is that there was an open day, around april/may i guess, for which i designed the poster, but also, pretty much against my will, ended up being photographed for a local cheltenham newspaper that was publicising the event, hunched up over my drawing board, and possibly hungover! i did have a copy, which i lost at some point. these days i am an artist living in manchester, but any advice or suggestions you may have regarding the feasibility of me locating a duplicate archive copy of my only appearance in the cheltenham press... much appreciated ... not sure i'll make the reunion, but a big shout out to ken, sam, miles & all the class of '86. 
warm wishes, sincerely yours.. charles lindsay."

Anyone got a copy of the poster?

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