Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thoughts on hair loss ...

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Dr Ferris writes: "Given the number of years that have passed since we were digging at Crickley, it is unfortunate, though perhaps apposite, that Crickley Hill Man is now running an advert on his blog relating to hair loss (just under the recently-posted photo of Phil in 1985). 'Hair loss has a cure' it informs us and, more sternly, 'Regrow your hair NOW'. If only.
However, I seem to recall that Crickley Hill Man has in his archive a photograph of a particularly hirsute young man on the hill operating what I now believe to have been a giant spray applicator containing this miracle liquid hair loss remedy. Its successful use that season may account for the suspiciously lustrous, though obviously tinted, hair of one of our former colleagues at the Crickley reunion a few years ago. If indeed I am correct in thinking you have such a photograph, perhaps Crickley Hill Man could post it on his blog and bring back memories of those happy days when we all needed to own a comb."

Your wish is my command, Iain ...  Hands up any Crickley male who still does own a comb?

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