Monday, March 23, 2009

Taking the baulk back to the bedrock

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A 1980 slide from Dr Ferris's collection: when he and I were examining this digitised version a few weeks ago, he said he couldn't initially work out what I was doing - not an unusual conundrum about my behaviour, especially in those days - but then he realised the picture was taken just as I started stripping the baulk back to bedrock. I'm sure he's right: it was a cutting Iain was supervising - N7 - so I'll take his word for it and suggest that I was dutifully doing whatever my esteemed supervisor had asked me to do.  He must have taken this picture not long after I took this one which was posted on the blog in August.  

The trousers that I am sporting I, alas, no longer possess: a pair of cavalry dress trousers that were acquired in the Cheltenham Oxfam shop for a trifling sum. I think it was the red stripe down the sides that made them simply irresistible as digging regalia.  I'm also wearing a waistcoat from the same source. At the corner of the cutting, just above the pit that was F3833, Jane Fitt records some finds.  Phil's photographic paraphernalia, I seemed to recall, were kept in the box sitting by the wheelbarrow.

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