Saturday, March 28, 2009

This month's prize winning entry ...

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This month's prize for portaits at Ullenwood goes, without a shadow of a doubt to Amanda Jones who sent me the splendid pictures displayed above.  

Amanda says: "I do have some more photos from CH93 - I've attached two; one of the marvellous, inestimable Mrs Betty Grubb, who cooked for and fed us, at times over 150 diggers, three meals a day. Fabulous food it was too - for me nothing came close to her cheese and potato pie! The picture is of Colin (don't know last name) Mr Crickley, Betty Miss Crickley and John the Oz (an Aussie! aka John Hewat from Melbourne) from CH93. 

Colin's Crickley abode was a large tent (which I seem to remember he shared with Phil Carlisle) which was festooned with a fabulous collection of kilims and oriental rugs of some distinction. Phil Carlisle was the only man, as far as I know, who was ever allowed to build a life-sized Dalek from egg boxes and other stuff, in Mrs Grubb's kitchen, whilst in drag. A man who was also renowned for his marvellous Barry Manilow impersonations! 

The second one has a picture of me - dancing, between Sheep & John the Oz - late on at a Weds Party. I first went to CH91 and was Miss Crickley to Dave Hollos' Mr Crickley that year!!!"

Keep 'em coming, Amanda: does anyone know who the woman on the left end of the dancing line is? At the right end is Jill Hummerstone who also featured in the solution to the mystery of the double-bowled sink posted here, which, one assumes, may just possibly have been snapped on the same evening. Dr Ferris will be both gratified and astonished that the Mr & Miss Crickley competitions, together with 'Personality of the Year' continued to be held for so many years. It was, of course, mainly an excuse for a knees-up and general partying. The original shindig, at his inspiration, was in 1979 and featured here.

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