Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wheelbarrows or deckchairs?

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Another snap from the Dineen CH 1980 assemblage.  On site, Sunday lunch break -Barrow recently vacated, Bernie Dawson with newspaper, Ros Cleal, Anna Collinge, Melanie Cook, Frank 'The Soil' Green, Rowena Dutton, Terry Courtney,  Julian Parker's head, Philip Dixon (hands).  That's pretty good, Jane - I'd have got everyone else but not recognised PWD's hands alone ... Those wheelbarrows really were dual purpose - they did make excellent and surprisingly comfortable deckchairs.  

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Naomi Jackson said...

I have a picture just like that in an old photo album. Corky Gregory just got in touch with me (we lost touch 15 years ago) and told me about this site. What a blast from the past!
Naomi Jackson (1978 & 1980)