Thursday, December 25, 2008

The 1983 vignette from the Transactions of the Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeological Society

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My thanks to the Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeological Society for permission to reproduce extracts from their Transactions: here the 1983 comments on the Long Mound.

"During July and August 1983 work continued on the Long Mound (100m long by 3m broad). In previous seasons it was found that the mound was composed of sifted soil piled over a low core of small rubble.  The sides of the mound were edged by large slabs, and a squat wooden pole, perhaps an idol, stood at its eastern end.  It was found that the mound ended in a circle, 10m across, of slabs on end.  The interior of the circle was cobbled and in its centre lay a large flat slab, reddened by fire, and surrounded by small fragments of burnt bone.  It is certain that this is a place for ritual, involving burnt offerings, deposition of bones under slabs, and perhaps dancing within the ring, tucked away in fold in the hill.  The monument is stratified between the Neolithic settlements and the occupation of the Iron Age hillfort, and work will continue on it in 1984.  P.W.Dixon University of Nottingham"

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