Thursday, December 25, 2008

And Merry Christmas too from Squadron Leader Wingham

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This is, alas, the last shot I have of Crickley taken by Harold Wingham and thanks to English Heritage National Monuments Record for the permission to reproduce it on the blog.  You can find the others by clicking on the "Wingham Collection" label either on the left hand side of the blog or at the bottom of this post. Ditches, ramparts, causewayed enclosures, quarry pits, ramparts and the Long Mound, all beautifully visible.

I must hop off and bake some bread and make a raspberry, blueberry and mango clafoutis to take to the friends I'm going to later for lunch (just in case the Christmas pudding isn't enough, and anyone's still feeling peckish you understand!).  While I'm slaving over the ovens, there's a rather natty feature in the Blogger software that lets you write a post and then schedule its release at a given time, so I've prepared a few Christmas treats which will automatically post themselves on the blog during the course of the day.  A very Merry Christmas to all my readers. 

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