Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A trip to the Air Balloon with Dr Ferris ...

Dr Ferris writes: "I am pleased to see from recent blog entries that Crickley Hill Man has tracked down some more of our fellow diggers. However, I wonder if he knows the whereabouts of 'The Skeleton' who was a fixture around Ullenwood for many years and who I last saw in 1983 leaning against the wall outside the mess hall in a rather insouciant manner, dressed, inexplicably, in one of Terry Courtney's denim jackets. Perhaps he was waiting for a taxi to take him into Cheltenham?

'The Skeleton' was originally employed to help out at St John's Ambulance training days at Ullenwood but he hung around there after the courses were discontinued and eventually he became more associated with the diggers. John Boden and I once took him to the Air Balloon, much to the bemusement of the locals, but 'The Skeleton' was rather sullen and uncommunicative that evening and drank little. I therefore find it hard to believe the rumours that he is now a barely-functioning alcoholic giving periodic Health and Safety demonstrations in Blackpool to help make ends meet.

Perhaps if Crickley Hill Man were to publish another photo of 'The Skeleton' on his blog, it might prompt him to get in touch and, perhaps, attend the reunion in July."
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