Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Planning the Long Mound 1990

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A fine Phillpotts shot of the 1990 Long Mound cutting: Iain Ferris was remarking a few weeks ago about how neat all the cuttings were, in general, and the site rules that led to the order out of the potential chaos and this is no exception. Looks like some leaching of chemicals at the bottom leading to the mouldy look of the top of that elegant baulk.  Seems to be a dilemma in the minds of the planners here on the alignment of the frames: the 1m frame is aligned to the cutting edge and the 2m frame to a tape set at an angle to the edge, one presumes after triangulation had taken place to align to a grid desired for a different reason.

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daveh said...

This is a view of the top of the stone cairn with its 3 lines of "grooves".

The difference in alignment of the 2 planning frames is due to the fact that the 2m frame is being used to do part of an overall site plan - probably to show the top of the cairn with the grooves excavated - while the
1m frame is being used to record the features cut into the gull bedrock. The 1m frame is tied into the baulk
and the strung out vertical edge both of which would be marked on the overall plans. The frame itself would have its corners measured in to the overall 10 site grid system.

daveh Lord of the Long Mound