Monday, December 8, 2008

Another dig party - this time 1980 ...

I posted a photo of Jane Lambert (nee Fitt) here the other day.  Jane replies from Cyprus where she's now living: "I can't remember exactly how I earnt a "well deserved rest", the 1979/1980 seasons are kind of blurred together in my memory. Was it something to do with the pit? Or was it when I'd found a leaf arrowhead, no - I think that was 1979?

I did actually work in archaeology (as an archaeobotanist) until 1990, mostly in Rome but also on another Nottingham University project in Bulgaria for a couple of seasons. Several career changes later I'm running adult literacy centres for the army (well, it does help if they can read what's on the ammunition cases....)"

Wonderful to hear from you, Jane: here's another photo of you, this time with Maryam Ghaffari, Julie Ann Morrison (nee Souter), Jim Gale and Training at a dorm party in 1980.
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