Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Watching the workers ...

It may just be the timing of Dr Philpotts's snapping, but five standing watching and two doing the work in F3351 is an unusual Crickley view. Jane Fitt in the red shirt and an unidentified person, whose rear in pink trousers can be seen, get credit for doing the work whilst Marion Barter, Julian Parker, Penny Hart (then Griffiths) inspect from the baulk and PWD and Ros Cleal from the cutting. I'll maintain the fiction that I'd just emptied the wheelbarrow, the handles of which are behind me!

A finer architectural shot of the Courtney Memorial Platform can scarcely be imagined: this was 1979, when it was newly built: all that remains of it now is the scar on the rampart where the grass grew not for nearly 30 years. When I was on the top where the platform is a few weeks ago you could see large quantities of red and pink burnt limestone on the top surface of the rampart where the platform once stood.
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