Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dr Ferris stirs from his post-Christmas torpor ...

Iain writes: "Knowing that Crickley Hill Man is a great fan of eBay, I expect he has noticed the two latest pieces of Crickley Hill esoterica for sale on that august internet emporium. If not, he might want to bid to add a pre-1945 postcard of the hill (based on a watercolour apparently) to his growing collection, along with a must-have Crickley Hill jigsaw. The latter item, despite being 'of Crickley Hill' is based on a rather dull photo of some trees on the hill; what a better jigsaw could have been made from Crickley Hill Man's recently-posted snapshot of John Parry herding cows on the hill."

Thank you for the tip, Iain: I hadn't noticed, because my eBay saved search, designed to alert me to new Crickley Hill desiderata, included only the category "Books, Comics and Magazines": I had not realised the wisdom of including "Toys & Games" and "Collectables" as well.  Without your hawk-like eye and devotion to doing a thorough job, these gems would have passed me by. To be on the safe side, in case anyone offers for sale a figurine of Mr Parry, in fine porcelain, I've changed my search to include all categories.

The postcard I snapped up in a trice and readers will see it soon on the blog, the vendor and Her Majesty's Mails willing.  The jigsaw, I must agree, is a bit dull, as well as being more than 4 times the price of the postcard, so I fear I must, on this rare occasion, disagree with Iain's description of it as being a "must-have" item.  In order to let readers judge the desirability of the item for themselves I show the jigsaw puzzle picture below:
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