Sunday, April 19, 2009

CH88 or 89: Steve Vaughan's cutting

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Unless there were two photographic towers I'm not entirely sure how Dr Phillpotts managed to get sufficiently high to take his photograph whilst the photographic tower is in shot on the far side of the cutting.  Depicted is the Long Mount cutting supervised by Steve Vaughan in 1988 or 1989. when Dr Ferris and I were looking at this a few weeks ago we noticed that there appears to be a quadrant of a circle which rather looks as if it might be the circular enclosure of the shrine described and pictured in Richard Savage's 1988 booklet 'Crickley Hill: Village, Shrine and Fortress'. But I'm now wondering whether we were right because the timings look a bit tight given that the booklet was published in 1988 and this, according to Dr Phillpotts, is a photograph taken either in that season or the one after.  I must seek enlightenment from Richard.

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daveh said...

Is this the shrine... let me help here...NO! The shrine lies at the bottom of the little valley in which the Long Mound lies and off to the right of this photo. The circular quadrant may be one of the pits found on the edge of and along the slope above the Long Mound . The height problem may be a case of using a friendly spoil tip on the flat top north of the cutting?