Friday, April 24, 2009

TBGAS about the 1987 season

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Courtesy of the Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society the note on the 1987 season which reads as follows: "COBERLEY/BADGEWORTH, Crickley Hill, SO 927161. Work in the 19th season of excavations concentrated on the slopes of the knoll (originally, wrongly, by CHM's inattention to proof-reading, novel) of the Neolithic settlement, and on the Long Mound.  The latter was found to be even more complex than previously realised, with an additional phase of slabs, and an earlier phase of underlying uprights or markers below the mound.  The slopes, too, proved complex and provided evidence from series of platforms beside a least three, and perhaps four, rows of small pits, some of which contained deposits of cremated human bones."

Professor Dixon observes: "I fear that CHM has bumped his head as well as his poorly shoulder, since even my old eyes detect the word as ‘knoll’ rather than ‘novel’; but perhaps all this swashbuckling romance has led him into contemplation of another Captain Lash, involving perhaps bondage in the New Stone Age……? Knollvelists with pens please step forward."

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