Friday, April 3, 2009

The Sage of Selly Oak strikes again ...

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Dr Ferris may have been thirsty a little earlier, I fear. "Crickley Hill Man is to be heartily congratulated in having orchestrated the recent reappearance of Andrew Powell, co-founder of the Below Average White Band, after his decades-long, Syd Barrett-like exile in deepest Wessex. It is a feat of which even Max Clifford would be envious. It is surely only a matter of time before John Boden, the Bard of Grimsby and Andrew's co-founder of the band, also reappears in public.
Perhaps Crickley Hill Man should now reproduce again the mysterious and controversial photograph of the later band, as a duo, slated for the cover of the first, never-issued, BAWB album 'A Troubled Bridge Over Water'. As Crickley Hill Man is aware, at the time Andrew's absence from the photo was used by conspiracy theorists as evidence of his untimely demise after he had driven his souped-up Vauxhall Viva into the municipal boating lake at Pittville Park after a night of improvised free jazz, free love, and general rock-and-roll excess.
The rather more prosaic explanation for Andrew's absence from the photo-that he had a dental appointment on the day of the shoot-was never accepted by the band's overly-sceptical fanbase whose principal members were little more than crazed celebrity stalkers, as we would term them today."

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