Sunday, April 12, 2009

Crickley Hill on Easter Day 2009



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The hill at about half past one today: Crickley Hill Man was utterly unable to resist a brief diversion at lunchtime on his way back to London from Herefordshire.  Top: the view towards Barrow Wake and Birdlip along the line of the crest of the rampart, taken from the point where the fence-line divides the National Trust land from the County Council land. Middle: with the eastern end of the Long Mound at my feet, looking back towards the Iron Age entrance with the Neolithic bank in the foreground. Bottom: looking down the line of the Neolithic bank across towards Barrow Wake and Birdlip.  One could only see fifteen miles or so with any clarity today as there was quite a bit of mist and rain haze about.  Bracing breeze on the top but a few hardy souls were having a picnic. 

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