Monday, January 12, 2009

For once a cutting that looks a little bit untidy ...

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Iain Ferris was speaking approvingly, a few weeks ago here, of the soundness of the training given on the excavation and the rules by which an orderly and safe site was maintained.  He also recalled how neatly the cuttings were left.  Amongst the many photos I have, this is about as untidy as it got, and if that's the worst I can find, the team did well. Deduct half a mark for the buckets left the right way up rather upside down during the break to protect tools from rain showers.  Turf stack in background squared up nicely.  

I've been trying to work out where this cutting was on the hill but have failed.  Back of the rampart? North side of hill? Perhaps I'm being confused by the way the ground comes down in steps and drops away, but the shelf stops at the edge of the cutting.

Update: Dixon rides to the rescue: "The latest blog has just about fooled me, but I think that it is a view of the Long Mound valley during or just before backfilling, showing the LM itself dug and reconstructed as a made up pile with the turf neatly on it (as you mention), and the strange mounds on the left ready for backfilling over the area of cleaned bedrock in the foreground and the centre. Viewed from high up (but not the top of) the photo tower, looking SE. Should be about cutting T5, and about 1986 or so????????"

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daveh said...

hmm he says thoughtfully...T5 would be somewhere by the wall on the S edge of CH wouldn't it? not in the valley bottom but rather by the wall.

As it is looking SE the view I would suggest is more likely to be of X96 or so...the area where the buckets are being perhaps stake holes running round the shrine?

daveh..Lord of the Long Mound